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St. Paul's Episcopal Church

What we are looking and praying for

Our church was once part of the heartbeat of Gardner. We have a vision to reestablish that presence in the Greater Gardner Community of the 21st Century. Through a process of discernment, prayer, and in consultation with the Bishop and his staff, St. Paul’s is seeking a full time Priest in Charge to lead us in the fulfillment of that mission.
By the Grace of God St. Paul’s has recently become the recipient of a substantial endowment. It is our prayer and desire to utilize those funds, along with our annual income, in an efficient and effective way to redevelop the Church. We are looking for an individual that has a passion and priority for mission to community involvement and outreach. An individual that enthusiastically conveys the life changing message of Scripture to all that they encounter, and who would actively pursue opportunities for developing ministries beyond our current membership and program.
We seek a candidate that connects with people of all ages. Put simply, “we want to be wanted”. We are looking for a leader who wants to come to a small church and have an impact. A candidate that demonstrates excellent ability to convey the Gospel in a meaningful way to a modern world. A person that cares about people.
We seek a candidate who wants to be part of the Gardner community. We care about our neighbors and want to be a positive force in the community. We seek Clergy who will help us draw in people of all ages looking for a spiritual home. We understand that will mean change. We also understand that change is not easy but we are committed to a fair and open minded evaluation of new ideas and methods. The last 20 years have brought many changes to our country and to our faith, and we would be naive to think the next 20 will not do the same. We seek someone who recognizes that fact and will partner with us to find a path into the future. No one is perfect and we are not looking for the perfect Clergy. We are looking for someone who is open and loving and will help to guide us in ways to navigate the world following God’s love.
The parish is open to diversity and would joyfully and seriously consider any Clergy that meets the criteria for this position as enumerated by the Diocese of Western MA and our Bishop. If you are a Clergy with energy and passion for the work of redevelopment in a parish setting, we promise to listen with open hearts, learn with open minds, and be willing to try new ideas. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms and the love of God.

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