​​​Welcome to St. Paul's Episcopal Church!

We are celebrating Holy Week with the Stations of the Cross. 

If you want to connect with God:

 We will care for you.

  • We will respect your journey in the Christian faith. 
  • We will join you in learning more about God and the Bible.
  • We will celebrate the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ together.
  • We will explore tough life and faith questions.
  • We will share a deep and fulfilling faith with you.


Joining us for worship is the best way to get to know us.  Due to the COVID Pandemic, we are meeting virtually.

We are currently broadcasting our worship services each Sunday morning at 10:00 AM via YOUTUBE.

See the home page for a link.

You will find that St. Paul's is a very friendly, inclusive church.  We embrace people of all ages and backgrounds.  

Our leaders and members are men and women; people who are married or not; people who have or don't have children;

people who are gay or straight; people with or without physical and mental disabilities; people of different races, languages and cultures;

and people of varying educational and socio-economic backgrounds. And, yes, we especially welcome children of all ages here.

We truly believe that God loves us all and has placed gifts in all of us.

The church is blessed when it can receive all those gifts and make space for people to use them.  

St. Paul's is God's house, a place where you can find support and joy—no matter who you are.  

Come experience the transforming love of God at St. Paul's church!

If you are new to the Episcopal Church here are some answers to questions

you may have about the Episcopal Church and about St. Paul's in particular:

What is your worship format?

St. Paul's shares in the long heritage of reverent, orderly, meaningful worship. 

Our worship each Sunday follows a liturgical worship format:  

  • The first part of the service includes readings from the Old and New Testaments.
  • We hear a short sermon based on these readings.
  • We pray for the church and the world.
  • We offer our confession of sins and hear the words of forgiveness for them.
  • We share the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ with each other.
  • The second part of the service includes the story of the Last Supper.
  • We partake of the Body and Blood of Christ in the form of bread and wine.  
  • We  pray and sing praises to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. 
  • We receive blessings from God and enjoy fellowship with each other.

Am I allowed to take Communion? What do I do?

All are welcome at the altar, and all baptized people are welcome to share in the Eucharist.  

To take the bread (wafer), hold out your hands with the right on top of your left.  The priest

will place the bread in your palm. You may either eat the bread or hold it in your hand to dip

in the chalice when it is offered.

If you choose to dip the bread in the cup, it is helpful if you hold it so that the person serving

the wine can see it; he or she will then hold the cup for you to dip the edge of your bread.

If you wish to eat the bread and then drink the wine, it is helpful if you reach out and guide the

cup to your lips to take a sip.

If you wish, you may have a blessing instead of taking the bread.  Simply cross your arms

your chest and the priest will know you wish to be blessed.  You may also cross your arms if

you don’t wish to take any wine, and the server will simply skip over you.

Before and After the Service

Where are you located?

We are in the heart of Gardner, MA on the corner of Cross and School Streets.  The address is 79 Cross St., Gardner, MA 01440.

Where can I park?

St. Paul's has a small parking lot that can accommodate approximately 20 cars.

There are several handicapped spots are also available near the entrance.

Additional parking is available on the street. 


St. Paul's Episcopal Church

You are welcome here!